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Three reasons we can offer you high quality pearls at such low prices:

1. Straight from the pearl farm
Instead of buying our pearls from wholesalers and middle men the way 99% of all jewelry retailers do, we purchase directly from the pearl farmers themselves.

Since most farms offer their pearls at auction and won't sell directly to buyers, it took us a while to find farms with high quality pearls that would deal with us. And it took more time to develop levels of trust to the point where some of these farms would assign us their entire harvest or the first choice of their best pearls.

Buying pearls this way often requires several days of negotiations. But in the end it's worth it because it allows us to offer you the highest quality pearls at the lowest possible prices.

2. Markups are around 300% in most retail locations
With the high cost of rent and sales staff, the typical jewelry store has to charge high prices or it would soon be out of business. Since we have no retail location and a small team of experts, we don't need high markups.

3. We sell in huge volume
At Pearls of Joy we have a different philosophy than most jewelry retailers. Instead of charging high prices and making fewer sales, we sell in volume with a very low mark up (typically 20-50%). Consequently we reach a much larger group of customers, and we find they like to tell their friends about us!

Questions? Talk to our president.
You don't have to go through layers of staff to reach an expert or a decision maker at Pearls of Joy. When you call us, the person who picks up the phone will always be an expert, and most of the time that person will be Kevin Canning, President of Pearls of Joy. So you'll be talking with someone who knows a lot about pearls as well as everything there is to know about Pearls of Joy - and who can quickly resolve any questions you may have.
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